My Flotation Therapy Experience

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Motivation Monday 3-13-2017

This is one has really been speaking to me as of late. Enjoy!


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Motivation Monday 2/20/2017


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Motivation Monday 2/13/2017


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Motivation Monday 2/6/2017


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Motivation Monday 1/30/2017


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January Checkup

As January ends I have decided to take a little time to do a checkup on the progress I have made for this month. Back in December I signed up for Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever 2017 course or BYE2017 as it is also known as. I am very passionate about making positive changes to my life, and setting the right attainable goals.

I feel good with the progress I have made so far. I have taken steps for each of the goals that I have set for this year. I was feeling a little overwhelmed for a few weeks. I felt like maybe I had set myself up for failure in a few areas because I did not feel I was progressing in the manner I thought that I should be.

Then I realized I was sabotaging myself. Instead of looking at all the good things that were happening, I was focusing on the negative instead. I also when through a stage of anger last week that I had not experienced for a long time. I had to take a step back and look at the big picture to see what was going on with me. I had been getting caught up in all the negativity and hate that I was seeing by my Facebook friends, news and other social media outlets. It was causing major unsettling within me.

I had to put my foot down with myself and remove myself from those things that were activating the anger triggers within me. I had to focus on myself, and remind myself that I am responsible for my actions. What we think or dwell on is what we become. I do not want all that negativity and anger to saturate my mind and soul. Staying informed of current events is one thing, but bashing, shaming and hating people because they do not agree with them is totally different.

I am looking forward to continuing with my goals and aspirations for this year. I will face each and everything that comes my way with a lens of analysis. I am investing in my future, and do not want to dwell on things that have no place in my life any longer. I am choosing to set my focus and fight like I already have the victory.


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Motivation Monday 1-23-17


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Georgia Winter Evening

I just love this photo I snapped on my way in from work the other evening. I just love how the cold sky and setting sun paints such a beautiful picture of colors in the clouds.



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Here’s to An Amazing 2017

When asked “How was your 2016?”, most people I have encountered answered this question with a negative comment. For whatever reason 2016 turned out to be a very bad year for a lot of people myself included to an extent. 2016 really turned out to be one of the worst, and yet one of the best years of my life.

Let me put it in perspective a small sampling of how my year went:

  • Had faith and trusted in God more than I ever have
  • Quit my job of 10 years with absolutely zero plan in place after being informed I would be demoted from my current position for no good reason whatsoever
  • Applied and interviewed for more jobs than I can count
  • Was jobless for 4 months
  • Turned down two job offers holding out on the job that I knew was my dream job, and the right job for me
  • Received the dream job I was holding out for
  • My mother passed away on my 2nd day of my dream job
  • Numerous items had to be replaced around my home due to age and wear and tear
  • Gained and lost multiple friendships
  • Gave more than I ever have
  • Started meditating
  • Started the process of goal setting and planning
  • Started the process of changing my life for the better

I can honestly tell you that all the events that took place in my life last year have all been for moving me to a much better place in my life. It took me a while to realize what was happening at first. I really felt deep down in my soul at the beginning of last year that major change was on the horizon. As thing began to progress I felt that I really needed to make some changes in my life now, and if I didn’t make these changes I would really be missing out on something very important that was lacking and trying to transpire in my life.

Nothing happens by chance, it is all part of a much bigger plan. How we respond to the situations and circumstances in our lives determine the outcome of the next steps. If I had not been willing to make changes in my life the amazing doors of opportunity would not have opened for me, and I would still be stuck in a muck of a life that was going nowhere.

Do I know what 2017 will hold for me? Honestly, I do not, but I know that I am in the process of putting a plan together to work on living my best life ever. I know that things are always subject to change based on what comes up in life. I will approach each situation that arises with wisdom and an open mind to adjust my dreams and goals. This year will be an amazing journey I have no doubt. I look forward to sharing my journey and photography with you this coming year.

As you think about all that you hope and dream to do in 2017, let us all aspire to make this year our best year yet!

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